We are Health and Safety company from Zagreb, Croatia (HSE company)

We provide Health and safety services, Disinfection, Disinsection and Deratization Measures, Occupational Safety and Fire Protection and Environmental protection services

Anparo ltd. is a private company with more than 15 years of experience in the Croatian market. Health and safety is the major service that we provide for more than 200 local clients. We provide consulting, on-site services, and a whole range of legislation tasks. If you are looking for a stable and certified partner (ISO 9001, 27001, and 45001) for this area, you are in the right place. With more than 10 professional employees and a permanent Court expert, we can offer you up-to-date knowledge and experience in the field of Health and Safety in Croatia

Our philosophy

We continuously improve our business with the intention of offering our clients the highest quality and fullest possible service based on knowledge and trust. We want the working environment to enrich the man, not destroy him. Since one-third of life is in the workplace, we believe that we can have a significant effect on human health and thereby also benefit the community.
Our task, in cooperation with employers, is to continuously improve working environments in society with the aim of enriching lives and strengthening relationships between people around us.

Health and Safety services

Occupational safety or safety at work is a system of rules, principles, measures, procedures, and activities, whose organized application achieves and improves safety and protection of health at work, with the aim of preventing risks at work, injuris at work, occupational diseases, work related diseases, and other material and intangible damage at work and related to work.

Occupational safety as a systematically organized activity is an integral part of the organization of work and the execution of the work procedure, which the employer achieves by applying basic, special, and recognized rules of occupational safety in accordance with the general principles of prevention.

Disinfection, Disinsection, and Deratization Measures

The implementation of compulsory disinfection, disinfestation and deratization measures (DDD measures) shall be ensured by companies, institutions, and other legal and natural persons performing activities through personal work and individuals owners, owners or owners of facilities management in accordance with the provisions of the Act on the Protection of the population against Infectious diseases and the Ordinance on the manner of implementation of compulsory DDD measures. The frequency of implementation of measures varies – depending on the purpose of the facility and established needs, mandatory DDD measures are carried out from 2 to 4 times per year.

Fire protection

Fire protection plan is a document that is prepared for all areas, from counties, cities, and municipalities, to buildings, construction parts, and another real estate. All conditions, methods of preparation, and contents of the fire protection plan are prescribed in the Ordinance on a fire protection plan. The plan consists of a graphical and textual part and refers to the actions of firefighters and all those involved in the extinguishing of fires.

Environmental protection services

Environmental protection is a set of appropriate activities and measures aimed at preventing pollution and environmental pollution, preventing damage, reducing and/or remedying environmental damage and restoring the environment to the pre-damage situation.

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