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safety at work in the home

22. February 2020.

Safety at work in the home, 12 tips for working more efficiently from home

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced most Croatian and world companies to make drastic changes in the way they do their jobs. Working from home has become a new everyday life, and when you add up other people's stories on the subject it sounds like they're fighting a battle with themselves. Have you thought about safety at work the moment you found out that you will be working from home, ergonomic conditions, the possibility of agreeing with your employer to keep your workplace healthy (business computer, chair, desk, other office aids)? You probably didn't, and that's why I decided to write a few tips that could increase the efficiency of your work from home.
11. September 2019.

Moving to a new business premises

When choosing a new location of a business premises, there are two components from the aspect of occupational safety and fire protection that you should pay attention to when reviewing a potential new space and negotiating with potential landlords, be it a mall manager or an individual landlord of an independent business premises.
Moving to a new business premises
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