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15. May 2023.

Is occupational safety required to work from home?

Taking into account the fact that an apartment, house or other space in which the worker performs small-risk tasks for the employer is not an object intended for work, but a residential building or an object of other purpose, regardless of whether it is an occasional, predominant or permanent performance of these tasks, according to the provision of Article 3 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, item 3 In accordance with Article 10 of the Ordinance on Safety at Work for Places of Work (Official Gazette, No. 105/20), the obligations from the said Ordinance will apply to the extent that it is possible to insure them in relation to the basic purpose of housing and in accordance with the nature of the work and the size of the risk for the jobs performed by the worker in that space for the employer.
16. January 2023.

What is the cost of safety at work?

Although there are many authorized occupational safety companies, you will rarely come across one that publicly announces prices, so your only option is to contact a few of them, ask for offers and compare. We really wrote how much, click and find out occupational safety prices that vary on different factors
15. February 2021.

We move to other spaces – what I need from occupational safety law / fire protection law

We are moving to other premises - what I need from the law on safety at work / fire protection law (hereinafter referred to as ZNR/ZOP) is a question that we are very happy to answer. Primarily because it is a frequent reason for moving the needs for a larger and better quality space, which means that the business entity is developing and growing. Is everything from ZNR/ZOP worth it to you if you change space? No. Do you have to do everything again? No. The truth is somewhere in between because part of the ZNR/ZOP obligations is related to employees, and part to the premises. By changing the space, you should think about those ZNR/ZOP items that concern the business premises itself, and this would be as follows:
8. February 2021.

We are opening our first warehouse – what do we need from occupational safety and fire protection?

We are opening our first warehouse, what do we need from occupational safety and fire protection? When opening a warehouse, it is important to know whether you are entering an already existing warehouse or if the warehouse is newly built just for your business / commodity assortment? Clients don't ask this question often enough. In practice, we from the industry often get information about this moment when the client has already entered the warehouse, and perhaps due to the condition and incompatibility of the warehouse with his needs, he should not have entered it. from entering the already existing warehouse, it is important to initially determine whether the project corresponds to your business, i.e. the assortment of goods that you intend to store inside, especially from the aspect of fire protection, because any modifications / reconstructions that you will have to undertake to comply with this area may not be financially profitable. Believe me, it's not the same if you store steel pipes, brick or rubber, paints and varnishes.
2. February 2021.

Stress in the workplace, the cause of many financial losses for the company

We want to present you with a part of occupational safety that has been unfairly neglected even by authorized companies. The part that is only mentioned along the way works as a footnote in occupational safety documents. Just enough to fulfill the legal form. We would like to make a departure from the dry, legal definition, what we all have in mind when we hear and think about safety at work. To show that safety at work properly applied in its entire scope and hidden potentials, can, proven to have a positive impact on the entire life of a company employee (even outside his professional segment, working hours). Therefore, the overall work and financial performance of the company in which he works and ultimately on the employee's private, family part of life, which I believe should be the most important thing for all of us.
25. January 2021.

Termination of employment contracts and safety at work

What to do when it comes to safety at work when you cancel an employment contract? I believe that none of you are happy to fire an employee – no matter how justified the reason, I assume that this is a relatively stressful situation for him and for you.
18. January 2021.

What to do in case of an injury at work?

There was an injury at work - what should I do? What does safety at work say about this? Honestly, this is the worst question we can get. Not because we don't know the answer to it, but because it usually means that someone has failed somewhere. It's either us, or the employer, or I'm an employee because in the event of work injuries we can rarely talk about an accident; Most often someone made a mistake somewhere. Admittedly, sometimes an injury can be caused by force majeure or unlawful conduct by a third party, so it is not always the employer or worker's fault.
21. December 2020.

Is occupational safety necessary if employees work in the field?

The topic of field work and safety at work and the obligations of employers in terms of safety at work are most often dealt with by employers who are engaged in service, installation, construction and IT activities, because it often happens that employees do their job outside the premises of the company (i.e. in the premises of the client or customer).
16. November 2020.

I would hire a disabled person, do I need to adjust the space and what does occupational safety say about it?

Employees with disabilities have the right to vocational training and rehabilitation – determination of remaining working capacity, labour market analysis, possibility of employment and inclusion in work, professional information, counseling and assessment of professional opportunities, information and counseling on assistive technology in learning and work, programs for improving work and social inclusion in the community, technical assistance, support, monitoring and evaluation of results, information and support in sources of funding, development of motivation and training of persons with disabilities in the use of selected technology.
9. November 2020.

What do I need from the law on occupational safety when hiring the first employee?

I'm hiring my first employee - what do I need from occupational safety law/fire safety law? It is a question that many future employers ask with some reservation and fear since most of them have the impression that this is a Pandora's box whose contents are unknown, complicated, unfeasible and too expensive.
22. February 2020.

Safety at work in the home, 12 tips for working more efficiently from home

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced most Croatian and world companies to make drastic changes in the way they do their jobs. Working from home has become a new everyday life, and when you add up other people's stories on the subject it sounds like they're fighting a battle with themselves. Have you thought about safety at work the moment you found out that you will be working from home, ergonomic conditions, the possibility of agreeing with your employer to keep your workplace healthy (business computer, chair, desk, other office aids)? You probably didn't, and that's why I decided to write a few tips that could increase the efficiency of your work from home.
12. September 2019.

I want the worker to ask me what kind of helmet to wear,
And not that I control him if he wears it at all

Strictly speaking, safety at work is part of a profession, specialization in some field, e.g. occupational safety in forestry or construction or catering. Each activity is its own world with its problems and specifics, and professionals in this field (with additional training) are actually the most competent to find sources of danger. So it was not possible to form a certain chamber or some central body that would regulate the profession because there was no profession. Certified occupational safety houses are the sum of engineers of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, chemistry and safety and other professions who have only the service they provide in common. Here you may feel the named safety engineers of which I am a part myself, but as is visible in the rulebook on authorizations for occupational safety jobs, nowhere are they mentioned, i.e. only x profession + professional exam for occupational safety professional is mentioned. That professional exam can be seen as that specialization I mentioned.
11. September 2019.

Moving to a new business premises

When choosing a new location of a business premises, there are two components from the aspect of occupational safety and fire protection that you should pay attention to when reviewing a potential new space and negotiating with potential landlords, be it a mall manager or an individual landlord of an independent business premises.
Moving to a new business premises
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