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Policies, regulations, and laws.

25. January 2021.

Termination of employment contracts and safety at work

What to do when it comes to safety at work when you cancel an employment contract? I believe that none of you are happy to fire an employee – no matter how justified the reason, I assume that this is a relatively stressful situation for him and for you.
2. April 2020.
This Ordinance lays down the conditions regarding the professional qualifications of workers, technical equipment, premises and other conditions that must be met by health institutions, other legal entities and persons who independently perform the activity of mandatory disinfection, disinsection and pest control (hereinafter: DDD measures).
2. April 2020.
This Act establishes infectious diseases whose prevention and suppression is of interest to the Republic of Croatia, as well as measures for the protection of the population from infectious diseases.
1. April 2020.
These Regulations prescribe minimum requirements regarding fire protection for catering facilities. Catering facilities are considered to be catering units that are as such determined by the regulation on classification, minimum requirements and categorization of catering facilities.
Fire protection regulations of catering facilities
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